Help!Trying to figure out Nolvadex Measurement

  1. Help!Trying to figure out Nolvadex Measurement

    Ok, so i recently finished my cycle of ph w/ liquidex and now im about to run my post cycle therapy, so I just received my bottle 20mg/ml x 60ml, im going to be using a syringe, i just don't know how to meaure it,so the syringe is 1cc, since 1ml= 1 cc, does that mean that 20=mg is 1 whole needle? so 20mg=1cc since its 20mg/ml?

    this is how i'm going to run it
    20mg/ a day 1-2 weeks
    10mg/a day for 3rd to 4th week

    and I'm also still taking my liver protection,omegas,aminos
    along with this i'm stacking it up with Nitric oxide,CCB (non stimulant fatburners), and a t booster, while drinking activate during workout
    this is all part of a program i received since i was a beta tester for the PH

  2. Why fat burners after a PH run? You don't want to keep your gains?
    DIESEL TEST = Underground Kings of Test elevation!


  3. their fat burners but without the caffeine and all the either strong stuff, these are mainly to boost my immune system,since i work at a supp store i get my stuff for free,these i can take up to 6 a day, won't keep me up or anything,mainly to boost my immune system and lower my cortisol levels,since its part of the program, other than that i need to figure out the Nolvadex dosage with a syringe

  4. Removed because of misspell.

  5. 20mL or mg? the bottle says 20mg/ml, so 20mg is 1 full cc a day?

  6. Sorry yes. Your syringe should be lined up at .1, .2, .3, and so on. The 1.0 mark is one full mL which is 20 mgs of tamoxifen.

  7. Oh and prepare for a pretty nasty flavor.

  8. so 1cc a day, didnt think it was going to be alot lol,thanks for the help, so my dosage is perfect right?
    20mg/a day for 2 weeks
    10mg/a day for the 3rd and 4th week

  9. It looks pretty solid. I would drop the fat burner though and just add some vitamin C.

  10. yea i also take vitamin c before workout,im suppose to take vitamin e after workout to reduce tissue damage or something like that, but thanx alot for the help guys


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