PCT timing

  1. PCT timing


    I am in my last week of an H cycle and qould like some input on timing of my PCT Should I take the ISA-Test with my PC support and Nolva or should I split the PC support and ISA test into AM/PM?

    I have had a great cycle and only real side is acid reflux now that I am at 100mg of H for the last week.

    I have the following for my PCT:

    Nolva: 40/40/20/20
    ISA-Test: 1 cap three times a day for all four weeks
    Post Cycle Support: 2 caps twice a day all four weeks
    DAA: 3g a day all four weeks
    Creatine Mono

    Thanks in advance

  2. Ok guys so I am two weeks into my PCT except I have changed it a bit. I was getting massive heartburn with the Nolva so I started adding it to my orange juice as suggested here on the forums and it has worked great but now I am getting headaches quite freq. Is taking the ISA-Test and the AI PCT along with the SERM too much on the hormones. I have continued to use my AI Cycle support and the blood pressure seems to be ok.

    Any suggestions would be great.

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