Im interested so see if anyone has experience running dhea metabolites specificly ams decavol and 4-ad.
    these arnt proven on any real scale to be suppressive or effective for that matter.

    Anyone know if they would be a Hinderence after running a 12-week coarse of Test?
    I plan on running pct....my pct will be nolva+clomid along with a few herbal preps for mood, conversion etc.
    il run it at a high dose. im not going to discuss the amounts or the duration of the pct, its unneccessary and id prefer to filter out the nonsense bro logic about what dosage i should be using and what duration or how certain herbs will do nothing and are a waste of time etc.

    all i really want to know is after pct, if i feel as if i have recovered, what sort of an impact could these metabolites have on over all recovery if i plan on running my next cycle in 4 - 5 months time?

    Im unformiliar with prohormones , and dhea products, but i know all about anabolic steroids and non steroidal anabolics, sarms etc.
    Iv never used dhea before and from my understanding its a waste of time and delays recovery during pct, but i also understand metabolites of many things are often very different in functioning and side effects etc,

    I have no experience with ams products , but if it gives me a bit more of an edge and isnt too suppressive that it wouldnt effects my time off aas , then i will run it. even if the benefit small.

  2. Interesting question. Id actually like to see a blood panel after running some of these dhea products now that you mention it. Are you trying to use something like this between pct and cycle to where there's absolutely no break? My thing is, is you'd probably wanna let your body return to homeostasis and stay there for a period of time..can't offer you any real info on the subject tho, sorry.
    Cultivating Mass.

  3. yeah i was concidering it as an ingredient in a bridge but ifi t has suppressive properties then i wont be, oh well maybe il just run a log of it anyway, get my levels checked after pct, and then after running this, see if their is any sides. only way to find out i guess.

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