Is this gyno?

  1. Is this gyno?

    Behind my nips are hard lumps. They lumps arn't rock hard, but are definately harder then fat. I assumed I had gyno, but I'm not really sure. I mean my nips are kinda pointy/puffy but not too too much more then before cycle if at all. I never even felt behind my nips for gyno before I went on my cycle so I really have no reference level. The lumps seem about nickle sized, but thin and disk shaped; the lumps are not spherical. The lumps are kind of behind my nips about 1/6" in. It sounds to me like most people with gyno have lumps much less deap and this is why I think I may not have gyno. Maybe those lumps are just part of a regular nip? I really don't know. If you don't have gyno/never had gyno, can you feel behind your nip and tell me if there is some sort of hard lump? Any lump at all? ere's a crappy iphone pic of what my possible gyno looks like:

    Never had any increase in sensetivity.

    Top view like if you were to look down at pecs:
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    Pretty sure I have gyno, just hopeful that I don't.

  2. Nice pic lol
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  3. Lol, thanks.

  4. Sounds like gyno, I had my lumps cut out, but what your explaining sounds like gyno.

    Now that mine have been cut out and I feel my nips there is no lump at all to feel.

    Not sure what u took or when u took what u took and so on, if your still on cycle or just finished i would get on to a serm or ai

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