Do you run your standard PCT with Letro? Need help!!!

  1. Do you run your standard PCT with Letro? Need help!!!

    I posted this in the Anabolic section but I haven't gotten any responses and it's been a couple of days. Not even my bumps are helping.

    I stated in my previous thread that I took Anavar at 80mg for the last week of the cycle (I ran 50mg throughout). That's when I noticed some soreness in my right nipple. I took a SERM (tamoxifene citrate) but at 40/20/20/10. Maybe should've done 40/40/20/20. I also didn't take an AI because I was told it would not aromatize. I have a slight lump in my right nipple now and it's still sore every now and then. Some days the lump isn't as pronounced and some days it is. It's very annoying. I'm assuming this isn't 100% Var and there may be some other stuff in it but it is a reputable lab so maybe I'm just part of the very low percentage of people who experience those kinds of sides with it. I don't know.

    I plan on running another cycle of Var in the next month and this was going to be my PCT:

    wk 1-8: Anavar
    wk 9-12: SERM (Tamoxifene Citrate) + Licogenix + Anabeta Elite
    wk 13-16: Formula-X (DAA) + Endosurge + Erase Pro

    What would my PCT look like if I replace Lico with Letro? Also, how long would I need to take the Letro? A week? 2 weeks? (I've seen the protocols but not for something while coming off cycle). I know they say that you should take a SERM after running Letro to prevent rebound so do I run the SERM at the full 4 weeks? Do I need to take the other AI? Should Anabeta only be ran during the SERM weeks or should I do 8 weeks of AE running it with Letro and the SERM?.

    I figure I might as well do the cycle and then attack the gyno after instead of doing the letro (hopefully getting rid of it) and then run a cycle when it could potentially flare up again. I'm just looking to break down all this stuff like I have up above. I just don't know if I treat Letro like a regular AI or since it's more powerful do I need to take/do other things. I'm really confused and would greatly appreciate any help or input. Thank you.

  2. There's no one that can help or knows anything about Letro?

  3. Good luck bro hear its potent stuff

  4. Quote Originally Posted by no reason View Post
    here you go.
    Thank you. It seems like some of the top information was cut out from the other outlines I've read but I still have several questions that I hope you could answer if you have any experience with this.

    I obviously want to reverse the gyno but since I plan on doing a cycle soon should I just run the Letro @ .25mg (possibly .50mg) with the Anavar for 8 weeks (or 10 because it says to do 2 weeks before cycle so it's stabilized in my system)? My concern is that I'm not running any Test with the Anavar (I'm not confident in my pinning skills at all and don't want to **** anything up). Then I'll run my regular PCT as planned? Does that seem like it will work?

    My thinking is that it doesn't make sense to reverse the gyno first. I'll be completely shut down for however long. Then have to take a SERM to prevent rebound. Then wait X amount of weeks for my levels to get balanced. Only to then run the same cycle before that caused the gyno in the first place. Then I'm gonna have to do this whole Letro thing again, right?

  5. 194 views and only 2 responses...anyone...please?

  6. Get test in your cycle and man up. Everyone's terrified to pin for the first time.

    Letro is way too much for anything other than gyno reversal, or very high doses of test and other compounds that aromatize to estrogen. If you stick to just var lico is probably fine, erase will do very well and forma knockoffs would also do you fine.

    Just noticed the "gyno" issue. Try to get rid of it before you cycle again.
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