need help with ID on clomid!!

  1. need help with ID on clomid!!

    So before people feel the need to call me a retard I'll admit right off that I dropped the ball on my PCT. I thought I had it covered but just realized I got shorted. When I ordered my whole cycle I did 12 weeks of test cyp 300mg/wk with anavar 50mg dailey for weeks 1-6. I ran arm .25 daily on cycle and have continued that for the last 10 days up until I'm ready to start clomid at day 18 after my last injection. However I just ripped open the plastic bag that my clomid was in and I freaked just a little. The supposed clomid is scored and marked BD on one side (the var was british dragon also) and the other side is marked "10". The tablet is small (maybe 1/4 inch diameter) and white and square. I had asked for around 3000mg of clomid when I ordered. However if these tabs are 10mg then I only have 100 tabs or 1000mg total! So my concerns are #1 I can not find any confirmation that british dragon makes a 10mg clomid tablet matching this description. Has anyone ever seen these? #2 I am going to try to get some more clomid and possibly nolva and hcg, BUT if I cant get my hands on any in the next week how can I dose the 100, 10mg tabs I have to get maximum benefit? Any help would be greatly appreciated!

  2. OK so I havent had anyone volunteer any advice but after a lot of searching I came across a thread that looks like it's exactly the same tabs I was given. Apparently this site wont let me put the link in my post but its ironmagazineforums and it's titled arimidex and nolvadex. It shows a close up pic of 2 tabs that are identical to mine. If I'm understanding this thread right it sounds like what I was told was adex is actually nolva and what I was told is clomid is actually adex?! **** me, right? I just trusted my source bc of recommendation of a friend. So I've been taking 1/4 of a pink tab daily thru my cycle (.25 adex, I thought) which would appear is 5mg nolva, if this thread is right. So what I have left is 100 tabs of adex and maybe 25 tabs of nolva. Again, I'm gonna try my best to get some clomid on short notice but I'm at around 12-13 days since my last injection right now so if I cant get it, can someone recommend what might be the best way to use the adex and nolva that I have? I can already tell my balls are starting to get a little size/density back but I wouldnt say theyre back to normal, maybe 80%. I cant really say I've noticed my sex drive decline much either. I realize that I put too much faith in my supplier without double checking his good word, and I'll never make that mistake again, but I'd REALLY like some advice please.....thanks!

  3. just no help at all eh!..Yea cant help you but best of luck

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