PCT Advice

  1. PCT Advice

    Im planning my PCT for after my 1-DHEA,4-DHEA and Decavol month long cycle.

    I currently have recycle, DAA and Erase in the cabinet but am wondering doses and if I should run both recycle and erase.

    was thinking


    Waste to run both Erase and Recycle?


  2. Erase is a good AI

    Recycle is a weak AI but good t booster and cortisol blocker

    I useslly both with a serm useally however I know nothing about those products you usef

  3. Currently running this same PCT myself for Hdrol & Stano cycle.
    Start DAA on your last week of cycle, it takes awhile to kick in.
    Start RECYCLE 1st Day of PCT along with a SERM.
    Start ERASE on the 2nd or 3rd week of PCT.

    DPOL: 3/3/3/3
    RECYCLE: 5/5/5/4
    ERASE: 0/3/3/2/1

    I am also running JOINT-HELP by I-Force to help with the inflammation in Elbows from cycle.
    Erase dry out your joints.

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