clomid question

  1. clomid question

    I don't think this is against the rules I'm not asking for a source or telling others this is a source but I may be wrong if you go to a common website where you can buy just about anything (I don't wanna say the name) and type in clomid it pops up as a fertility product for woman is the same as used for pct I've Google this and can't find anything but again if this is against the rules I apologize Thanks for replies if it isn't

  2. godomoreresearchphaggot

    im jk, clomiphene citrate

  3. In you unmentionable site, what mg's were you able to get?

  4. bro, its probably not the same thing. if looks like its a supplement claiming to be a fertility aid, its not the same thing. its probably just a blend of different useless herbs. the only active ingredient in it should be clomiphene citrate and it doesnt look like your everyday supplement.
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  5. clomid is a fertility drug for women.....we use/ misuse it for pct...

  6. Quote Originally Posted by edje007 View Post
    clomid is a fertility drug for women.....we use/ misuse it for pct...
    Actually it also has been used for male fertility so I wouldnt say we are misusing it. Also it has been used in a clinical application as a replacement for trt. So we are batting a 1000 on that one.
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