Back in july i did a 4 week cycle or reaction nutritions EDGE. A clone of havoc/epi. The pills were dosed at 18mg per pill. I took two pill for the first three weeks and didn't really see any sides or impressive gains. Maybe a little strength but nothing huge. So week 4 i bumped it up to 3 pills making it 54mg total. This was my first DS/PH cycle. with that said I had a serm for pct, but used an otc pct because i didn't think it did anything for me. after finishing the pct i started noticing something wasn't right downstairs so I took the tamoxifen citrate at 40 40 20 20 and everything was good. Morning wood, no problems. Now im starting to feel shutdown agian a month or so after the serm. Is this normal. Should i get more tamoxifen. I know i probablly need to see a doctor but I don't have insurance, so i never got blood work either. One more question, would tamoxifen citrate show up on a drug test.

  2. Is it to hard to pay for a doctor.

    I mean you do pay for the products but don't get bloodwork cause it's not on insurance.

    I'd pay and see a doc if your concerned.

    As far as the tamoxifen showing up on a test I'm not sure, but I'm guessing it depends what they are testing u for, someone else may be able t answer that.

  3. Nothing "shows up" unless it tests for it specifically. All they test for is flags and markers like elevated or suppressed levels that tell them to "dig deeper" and retest for specific substances..
    Owner; Human Performance Science (HPS)

  4. I'd get blood work and go from there. You have to know where your at if you expect to make a good judgment call. It's only 50 bucks too.

    Just look up the sticky on here labeled 'CHEAP BLOODWORK'

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