taking another AI a month after pct

  1. taking another AI a month after pct

    A few months back I did a SD cycle, I ran it for three weeks then took nolva 40/20/20/10 while taking DAA and started erase the third week of nolva. I ran erase for 4 weeks and tapered it like many have said to do. I ended the whole pct about a month ago and I'm now experiencing some delayed gyno related sides. My question is, would it be beneficial to run a suicidal AI such as erase for a few weeks? Thanks

  2. Bump really need some advise

  3. explain these related sides with more detail. Unless you have a lump. let it be, your body should fix itself with time. Are your nipples just puffy? try some vitb6 or p5p, this has helped me in the past.

  4. I will give the b6 a try. At what 500mg? And the sides are itchy nipples and puffy nipples. My nipples are always puffy but I can just tell a difference within this last week. Defiantly a lot puffier and a itchy feeling that's almost constant. I will give the b6 a try, let's say that doesn't work and I take erase for a few weeks, this wouldn't give me any rebound or any negative sides because its a suicide ai correct?

  5. i wouldnt mess with erase. let your hormones balance out. google p5p or vit b6 for prolactin and research the doseage.



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