Nolva vs. Clomid on MD-E cycle

  1. Nolva vs. Clomid on MD-E cycle

    Originally planned on using clomid as part of my pct on Methadrol Extreme but I'm having trouble finding a reliable source that has clomid in stock at the moment. I have found a reliable source for Nolvadex and was wondering if there would be any risk or downfall for using this instead?

  2. Torem would be best IMO, not as carcinogenic as nolva, works just as good against gyno, and boosts natty test production as well as clomid (without the vision impairment) 90/60/60/30

  3. Nolva, Torem, or Clomid would be fine. If you have a source you trust then go with your nolva.

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