Ok guys so I was thinking, could GnRH be subbed or stacked w/ HCG? HCG is great for getting test and natty hormone levels back to normal and in check. That's nothing new, and we all know that GnRH will increase your bodies own endogenous Gn levels. So here is my question,

Is GnRH superior to raw HCG for PCT because w/ GnRH it makes your body produces its own Gn and CGn via its own genetic and cellular processes, which in theory should help your body jump start back into making its own hormones, or is it better to just stick with raw HCG so you can skip a step and just "direct inject" the hormone your body needs to raise it's LH and FSH levels? Or maybe there is an advantage to using both since this is a closed loop feedback system and there shouldn't be any repercussions for having high CGn and Gn levels in your system. (except for maybe testing a false positive on a pregnancy test if you were a chick).

So whats yalls input in all this? Good idea? Bad idea? Am I missing something? Key in and opine on this please!