Low Dosage Epi PCT

  1. Low Dosage Epi PCT

    Hey fellas.

    I am looking into doing a low dose cycle of epi at 20mg a day for 6 weeks.
    I have done other cycles in the past such as H-drol and SD dosed very high.

    I am doing a low dose cycle mainly to avoid the terrible shin pumps I get on cycle when dosing high. I also am not looking to blow up in size and strength particularly. I more of less just all over lean up a bit and build onto my over all athletic performance.

    Like I said:
    Epi dosed at 20/20/20/20/20/20
    Organ Sheild and Life support run all cylce.

    Titanium XL (test booster)

    Because this is dosed so low I feel as tho a SERM/SARM is not going to be needed.
    I have used these in past cycles when the dosage was very high.

    Will erase and other anti estrogen blockers be enough PCT for this low dose cycle?

  2. I'm not going to suggest that it's a good idea. But, I have ran a higher dosed Epi cycle with just support supps and an AI, from which I recovered fine without any complications. A SERM is only going to cost you like $20, so I say why risk it.

    Just keep in mind that everyone reacts to Epi, or PH's in general, differently.

  3. Seems like a terrible idea to me. If you get bloodwork done and it says you've recovered then I guess you're g2g but I personally don't understand the risk. How much does "Titanium XL (test booster)" cost? Drop that and add a SERM. Problem solved.

    Also, it sounds like you've got a LOT more research to do based on your "SERM/SARM" line. They are two separate drugs that do VERY different things.

  4. If you want you can low dose the serm or run it 3 weeks

  5. you can definitely recover from epi with an OTC pct. I would get DAA and a cortisol product like endoamp, or lean xtreme.
    if you wanna make it simple look into Reboot by forerunner labs it's more of an all in one product

    if you use google you can find lots of proof OTC will work for mild cycles

  6. If you chose to do an OTC PCT it is imperative that you get blood work done.


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