pct for ultradrol

  1. pct for ultradrol

    hi guys,
    i need help with my ultradrol cycle. so far i have this:

    week 1-4:

    cycle support (do i even need this when i use aegis already?)
    week 5-8:
    test factor advanced or purus labs d-pol (or just plain DAA?)
    erase pro
    anabeta elite or bioforge v3
    SERM: not really sure what to use yet.

    im going for 16mg then bump it up to 20mg a day if needed be, i'll see how my progress goes. i've found some products with SERM complex on them like Reversitol v2, formadrol-extreme, form-x. been looking around and found "clomidex" and "arimedex" are these comparable or as strong or maybe better than the prescription ones that sounds like them? Is it necessary to get the prescription ones?

    i'd appreciate suggestions on better options/what to change in my list.

  2. None of those are actual SERMs, nor are they as effective as a SERM. Google search "research chemical SERMs" or something of that nature. You're looking for tamoxifen, Clomiphene, and/or toremifene (nolva, clomid and torem, respectively).

  3. Yea bro ultradol is methylstenbelone. Its a very very strong compound. The fact that you don't know about serms is a bit scary considering you're about to take a very strong product. Its definitely stronger than halodrol, epistane or dimethazine so make sure you have your on cycle and pct in order ffs

  4. At 5'7" and 150ish you should consider implementing a solid food/weight program and do some hard training and growing before embarking on methylsten. If you're really bent on cycling than start with a milder compound for a first cycle.

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