Letro only PCT?

  1. Letro only PCT?

    Hey guys this sounds really really strange and I realize it but a buddy of mine that I just hung out with a little bit ago has been on test cyp on and off for some time and for whatever reason he does not use your traditional serm, he only uses letro for PCT is that alright or is it just me? I've been doing a little bit more reading on anabolic minds but also just in general online and I'm not really finding anything that shows that a letro only PCT is the best thing. For whatever reason he never really feels like he gets suppressed by any means also he never really holds a lot of body fat or shows any estrogen rebound related side effects. For some people this seems to do it and it seems to work, I'm not sure.
    It's easy, just lift heavy!

  2. Sounds pretty foolish to me. I'm assuming he's had no bloodwork done?

  3. Not any to my knowledge
    It's easy, just lift heavy!

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