P-Plex PCT Build Help

  1. P-Plex PCT Build Help

    Started P-Plex today, just taking 1 bottle at 30mg/30mg/30mg/30mg as described on bottle. just want to do a short but sweet easy cycle.
    I really did want to do any more cycles but could resist the bottle of p-plex about to expire on my shelf so decided to do a last run. For the first time in a long time my test levels and sex drive feel to be back to normal and i assumed i had been on the low side for awhile till my last cycle of test enth/ hcg/clomid/nolva/daa combp and have not touched anything in awhile. i have seemed to rebound better that last cycle/pct i did and seem to be normal. so im very worried about this cycle and dont want any problem with the boys or test levels this last run. so could you help me build a OVERKILL pct and maybe something while on to help out. i currently have all of this on hand.
    HCGenerate, Diesel test hardcore, erase, cycle assist, daa, clomid, nolva, lean fx.

    was thinking

    p-plex, cycle assist, hcgenerate on cycle

    DTH, erase, lean fx, nolva, kick starts of clomid

    sorry for the long sentence and bad spelling, hard to type on these damn phones.

  2. Despite how it's marketed, I think HCGenerate is little more than a glorified test booster and thus wouldn't be of much use on cycle. Definitely use all that other stuff for PCT, with exception of choosing just one SERM. Either or, shouldn't matter unless you've had a very positive experience with one in the past. But throw in everything else: DAA, Diesel Test, and Lean FX from day one, add the Erase at the start of week 3, and run HCGenerate throughout PCT as well I suppose. You should do fine.

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