PCT for AMS Anabolic Growth Kit RDe

  1. Lightbulb PCT for AMS Anabolic Growth Kit RDe

    Hello to all:

    It's been 8 years since I've done any kind of prohormone and I've reached a point where I would like a little help in the gym as well as help with the PCT part of it. I am looking to get the AMS anabolic growth kit Rde which I have heard is a pretty mild prohormone. With that being said, I have never used a SERM (Back in college when I was stupid) and used ErgoPharm 1-AD as my PH and I believe I used 6OXO as the PCT. To this point I did not develop any GYNO or have any to this date thank god! Here is my stats, goals and questions. Is AROM-X good enough of a OCT PCT for a 4 week cycle or should I really have a SERM in hand like Tamoxifen? I am a little skeptical of taking some 'Research only' product and although I know many people do, I get a little nervous about possible side effects. This is what the cycle would look like.

    1-AD -------- 2/2/2/2
    Decavol ----- 2/2/2/2
    4-AD -------- 2/2/2/2
    Augmentor -- 2/2/2/2


    I've seen many people say that because this stack is so mild that the OCT PCT arom-x would be fine. Then other people swear by the fact that if you don't have a SERM you're an idiot.

    I played college football and I'm already a pretty big guy. Here are my stats.

    6 Foot 227LBS 14-16% BF (28 Years old)

    Flat Bench 345 LBS
    Leg Press 1200 LBS

    My goal really is just to get stronger but to build more muscle.
    Current supplements that I am on.

    AST DHEA 100mg x2 a day
    AST Micronized creatine x2 day about 7g per serving
    Optimum Nutrition 100% Whey Protein about 50-75g (after workout)
    Cellucor C4 for Preworkout or Gaspari SuperPump Max
    Scivation XTend BCAA's during my workout

    Eating Pretty clean. Let me know what you guys think about a PCT. If arom-x is good enough for this stack or if a SERM is the only way, if so, what is the cycle for it? 0/0/0/0/20/20/10/10?


  2. Long winded, I'll make this short. You don't need a SERM for this an OTC PCT would be just fine.
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  3. ima make it short too. the kit is basically 1-dhea, 4-dhea, and nordhea all stacked together. you probly dont need a serm for it but thats your choice. and you may want to extend it to 8 weeks. dhea cycles take awhile to kick in (sometimes 4 weeks). another stack will allowyou 8 weeks on. and dont worry its ot hepatoxic or anything, plenty of people go 12+ weeks on primordials higher dosed dhea line.

    nice n short right?

  4. Thank you very much on your quick responses. I appreciate it!

  5. yeah, you don't need a serm for this cycel. It's pretty mild (from experience)

  6. I agree with the ThunderHumper, you'll probably want to run this 8 weeks. A while back I bought three kits and ran it an 8 week cycle and I didn't start noticing it until late into week 3

  7. sorry to bring up an old thread
    Just purchased this stack running it for 8 weeks

    coming to my 6th week now as for PCT i have Nolvadex, revo black and pure test

    I've been told to run nolva 10 days prior to my stack ending, would this be ideal? Then taper nolva on the 3rd week and start with the revo black and pure test.

    I've ran this stack in the past (4weeks) without a serm just used arom-x

    Much help would be appreciated

  8. Start nolva the day after your last ph dose.. whoever said ten days prior is a moron
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  9. Quote Originally Posted by hvactech View Post
    Start nolva the day after your last ph dose.. whoever said ten days prior is a moron
    Cheers mate much appreciated!

    Would you recommend running the Nolvadex with the revolution black + pure test at the same time? Or run revolution black + pure test during the last week of Nolvadex when tapering the Nolvadex down?
    Lucky I asked the pros

  10. You can run them all at the same time
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