Over one year later

  1. Over one year later

    Had posted this on the anabolic side but I think more appropriate here:

    Almost 34 year old male here and I really need some help with this situation. So I went down that road and followed directions given to me by a local retailer for a PH cycle. It was a product called Khemical Warfare 2 and I followed the cycle that included, tribulus, liver support and a PCT otc product. I was doing fine before I took the product but I crashed hard and started to lose drive in the gym and in the bedroom. I took me about 3 months to get an erection back and these days, over one year, I'm still not as hard nor stay hard as long when compared to prior the PH. I also don't have the drive for things like I used too. It's been frustrating and I'm going to request blood work tomorrow but sometimes my physician, HMO, doesnt like to do test and tells me to give it time as my HTPA will go back online naturally. Does anyone have something constructive to help me out with this situation? I know blood work is invaluable...but any prior experience and solutions that can help? Too late for a real PCT?

  2. What are the ingredients in KW2? Blood work will let you know what state you are currently in and depending on the results you may need to take a test booster/AI to get back to normal values. If you are lucky that will be it and everything will normalise but if you have really f*cked your values then you may need more than this.

  3. Never to late to try. Get a serm an array of test boosters daa/div/zma/muca and an AI.
    If you go with clomid get hgc also.

    I had a slow recovery also not as bad as you. I was able to get and keep erections but was not into sex. It was more of a choir. Tired and real lazy all the time. It sound off a little. But I forced my self to watch and beat off to porn. I give that a lot of credit towards my recovery.
    My sex drive amped up right away.

    U would go with formasurge as AI. Increased aggregation and drive first week.

    But u should talk to a doc. I don't like to put my self into the medical mess. Its a negitive mental state.

  4. Quote Originally Posted by murk01
    I forced my self to watch and beat off to porn. I give that a lot of credit towards my recovery.
    My new sig.

    Also my next pct
    Cultivating Mass.

  5. Quote Originally Posted by steppinRazor

    My new sig.

    Also my next pct
    I love it.

  6. It was torture !!!

  7. Haahaha no doubt bro..shut down its no fun for anybody..
    What was your cycle and pct?
    Cultivating Mass.

  8. It was a straight SD cycle. 10/20/30/30 , clomid pct, research grade. Next time ill try pharma if I can.

    When I read what u qouted I cracked the fuk up at work! I kill my self some times

  9. Lmao yeah it was cracking me up too..

    I've heard that research is hit or miss, but I've only used tabs. Used clomid a couple times, recovered fine but never got the emotional sides that ppl speak of..lucky I guess?? Iono but i'm gonna try research next time, see what i'm missing..
    Cultivating Mass.

  10. Have my dr appt today....I'm gonna post the results....any suggestions as to what test I really want to figure out hats happening?

  11. Quote Originally Posted by murk01 View Post
    But I forced my self to watch and beat off to porn. I give that a lot of credit towards my recovery.
    Wait, you mean everybody doesn't do this?


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