OTC PCT Please Read

  1. OTC PCT Please Read

    OK, I have tons of friends that have ran all kinds of ****. Original double dragon, e monster, e mass, original warrior, blah blah blah. Are there any PH's that can be ran safely with an otc pct? I personally have ran epi, and p mag both with otc post cycle. I have not had any issues, I have kept my gains. Am I lucky? I mean I would be scarred ****less to run sd, but these dudes just dont give a ****, they run multiple meths, then otc pct's. I wish I was as dumb as them and just didnt care lol. Thanks for the replies.

  2. Not really. But some supplement salesman will probably tell you otherwise

    only case would be a very mildly suppressive cycle. Everything you are talking about sounds superdrol loaded
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