PCT internet source. Legit?

  1. PCT internet source. Legit?

    I am about to go on my first Ph cycle.

    But at the moment I am lacking a PCT(Clomid or Nolvadex)
    I am just wondering if these websites that offer, research Clomid and Nolvadex. One even that is advertised on anabolicminds.
    Are the products of these sites real?

    Thanks before hand

    Not going to start PH cycle before I get a proper PCT or OTC PCT SERM

  2. you should probably read the forum rules brother
    All posts by mattys4 are the result of a very creative imagination and should not be considered advice nor taken seriously

  3. this is like the 3rd thread posted today on the same question.......
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  4. I am not asking for a source... I am just wondering if anybody ever tried the research website

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