test e post cycle

  1. test e post cycle

    hey guys, im 21 and have been lifting since 17. im 5'11" and 180. im going to start a cycle of test e. 2 pins a week 1cc ea. its my first cycle and thats why im doing a lighter one. im wondering what a good pct is to get that will help me retain my gains.

    thanks guys

  2. 7 months ago 18. Time travel has advanced.

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    I want to start a cycle of halo extreme. I was gonna run advanced cyce therapy while on it and for 4 weeks after. Is this a good enough pct? Halo is supposed to be easy on the liver I believe, so this is why I ask.

    What kind of diet should I maintain?
    Stats: age 18
    Weight 170
    Height 5'11

    Please don't just say I'm too young for this, i have friends who ran super dmz and are fine.
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    Pin the kittens with the tren, then attack the judges with the kittens, uppity bastards

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    7 months ago 18. Time travel has advanced.

  4. Busted!

  5. So what, this is no reason not to help him -.-



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