I stupidly decided to do a 9 day cycle of epistane at 30 mg a day, in an effort to preserve muscle mass as I was on a severe calorie deficit. I had liquid novladex on hand, and began dosing that at 20 mg a day in the mornings. Im 6 days into my pct and libido is completely shot (decrease in testicular volume and inability to achieve an erection). Im also taking 3 grams of d-aspartic acid and 2 servings of purus labs recycle a day, as well as 14 pumps ( about 140 mg) of formastanzol a day. Do I bump the dosage on the novla, or drop the aromatase inhibitors? Or is my loss of libido normal and something that will resolve itself? Advice would be greatly appriciated- I go back to school within the week, and would hate to begin the year with a non-functioning dick