SERM question (Please help)

  1. SERM question (Please help)

    Hey all.

    Here is my situation. I start the state police academy November 29th.

    Well, they cleared me to take Halotest-25 even though it can cause a false positive for steroids, as long as I could prove the false positive comes from the Halotest.

    I am on day 9 of my cycle.

    The problem, though, is that the SERM (Nolva) will not be out of my system by the time I take the drug test (October 22). I didn't put it together til today that the steroid test would probably pop up Nolva or Clomid.

    So should I just discontinue my cycle now since my body probably hasn't been shut down yet? Or is there an alternative PCT I can use to not lose the gains, without taking Nolva? Thanks

  2. False positive? It will be a positive positive as it will be an elevated exogenous androgen that is detected. My guess is you mean an "illegal" steroid.

    Extend the cycle and don't use the SERM until after the test.

    BTW-wrong forum. I'll move it.

  3. Extend the cycle? At 6 weeks I think it will be September 17th lol I'd be dead by October :O

  4. half life of nolvadex is about 7 days.

    it's not ideal, but you could stop your PCT early, give it 7 to 10 days to clear out of you, then take your drug test. if it were me, i'd make up the week as well.

  5. How in hell did the state police "clear" you to use that?!? Damn I know if you even asked them bout that, you'd be kicked out of academy let alone the interview process. Good for you tho man. Best of luck on the force. Hope to be in academy out here in the late spring.



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