6 months on Extenze caused shutdown???

  1. 6 months on Extenze caused shutdown???

    Hey guys,

    I have a story for all you considering taking DHEA/pregnenolone... So i bought 6 months worth of extenze to up libido to max potential while training. I felt great for these 6 months but nothing insane yet I still continued to take the pills (1 each day). When i came off of them I realized I had no morning wood and no libido. I have had 5 blood works over the last 8 months and originally my estrogen was high along with SHBG... total estrogen was at 180 (scale <130) and SHBG 49 (scale 10-50).. SO i waited it out and thought everything would just go back to normal as advised by the doctor (I've now seen two UROS 1 GP and 1 Endo).. The next labs that I have had taken all show that my estrogen is back to normal but my SHBG went even higher! was at 63, 56, 54, 47, then back up to 56... My libido and morning erections are still very weak , which is completely different from the rest of my previous life. My testosterone is high at 850, 950, 1044, 825... I just don't understand why I have an elevated SHBG.. I checked thryroid - normal, liver enzymes - normal, Estrogen - normal, DHEA-s is 300 (scale 100- 530)... Any input????

  2. Anybody??

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