Finishing halo-plex tonight! Quick PCT question

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    Finishing halo-plex tonight! Quick PCT question

    Finishing up the halo-plex cycle tonight, and starting PCT tomorrow. Since I was using it during a cutting cycle, I am satisfied with the results, since I dieted very hard, maintained & even increased a little strength. BF% definitely went down, and muscles stayed hard. The plan so far for my PCT is:

    Torem: 90/60/60/30
    DAA: 3/3/3/3
    AD-3 ?/?/?/?/?....

    I'm using AD-3 instead of erase since I've heard good reviews and they are the same compound. Dosing seems a little different than Erase. 2 capsules = 75 mg of the active compound.

    What are your opinions on dosing with AD-3? Should I start it tomorrow along with Torem & DAA? Or start the second week of PCT like I see most people recommend with Erase?

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    Make sure it drags 2 weeks past serm
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