Osta + Letro Help?

  1. Osta + Letro Help?

    What's up AM. This is my first post here. I'm still new to the world of anabolics, and, though I've been doing a ton of reading, I was hoping to maybe get some guidance from some more knowledgeable people. Basically, I have a long standing, minor issue with gyno/fatty chest that I've had since puberty (was somewhat heavy growing up). I'm 23 and in shape now, and really sick of it. I've been seeing an endo the past few months who's been moderately helpful. She has prescribed Nolvadex to potentially help with the gyno and because I had somewhat low testosterone (414 ng/ml), possibly due to a combination of testicular trauma at age 12 and brief chemotherapy at age 19 (all better now, knock on wood). I feel the Nolva has helped a bit on both fronts, but there's some days where I still get frustrated and want to just get the surgery.

    I'd read that Letro was the actually the most effective for reducing pre-existing Gyno, and I just got my hands on some from a reputable-seeming RC. At the same time, I've been very interested in SARMS lately for a small boost in helping me achieve my strength and physique goals, and I ended up picking up a course of that as well with the same order.

    I know that's a lot of background, but I was hoping somebody could give me some guidance as to how I should go forward with these two treatments. I'm tempted to start both Osta and Letro right away, but in some ways they almost seem contradictory. One of my main motivations for trying the Osta is that I have a recurring neck injury that's caused me to stall out on strength progress. I'm really hoping Osta will help me heal faster and maybe give my ligaments/ joints a boost. Letro would seem to have the opposite effect, as nuking estrogen can cause joint issues.

    So based on this information, any suggestions? I hate the gyno and want it gone ASAP, but I also want to maintain my sex drive (which has been inconsistent anyway), and heal from injuries while getting my strength up. Should I just jump on both and see what happens? Pretty conflicted here so any input's much appreciated.


  2. Heres the problem with letro, most people jump right into 2.5mg and say "nuke that sh.. bro". When 1.25-1.75mg will work as well. It may take longer but, your joints and forearms wont be painfully dry. Letro is also notorious for rebound. When you notice the fatty tissue/lump is disappearing start 12.5mg aromasin eod then change it to e3d. Start tapering the letro down and stay on the aromasin. Id save the osta for after you fix your first problem.
    Psalms 62:1-62:2

  3. That makes sense, thanks for the input man. Can I ask why you suggest Aromasin? What do you think it'd do for me that adex or letro wouldn't? I'll look into more for sure.

  4. Quote Originally Posted by thunderpants
    That makes sense, thanks for the input man. Can I ask why you suggest Aromasin? What do you think it'd do for me that adex or letro wouldn't? I'll look into more for sure.
    Adex is harder on lipids, and femera is even harder on lipids. Being that aromasin is suicidal, you wont have rebound issues from the letro (estrogen skyrockets). If its a fatty disc it may just be prolactin induced.. is it painfull to touch? Are your nips puffed up/cone shaped?

    If you have legit femera, itll deff fix your issue, but rebound is the biggest issue using it. Thats why i suggest a suicidal AI alongside the down taper of your letro.
    Psalms 62:1-62:2

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