need help with pct

  1. need help with pct

    m going to be cycling
    test e for 10weeks at 750mg a week
    first 4 weeks 50mg ED tbol

    im wondering what protocol i should use during this cycle and then after for PCT in order to facilitate optimum recovery thank you

  2. ps i have cylcled in the past and used only nolva at the end but it seems as though there may be a better way to go about it now...

  3. you culd do nolva 40/40/20/20 and aromasin 12.5mg eod; stack that with 3g daa ED and ur g2g

  4. Cool thanks

  5. test e - start pct 14 days after last injection

    100/100/100/50 Clomid (50mg taken twice per day weeks 1-3 after aas ester clears)

    20mg/20mg/20mg/10mg Aromasin (20mg daily for 3 weeks, 10mg daily in week 4)

    3g Vit C every day split in 3 doses

    10g creatine daily



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