Has anyone ran dbol during PCT?

  1. Has anyone ran dbol during PCT?

    Have been looking around the Internet about this and seen it has popped up on a few other forums but no one really has a definitive answer as to weather its worth it or not. General consensus is to run 5-10mg dbol a day first thing in the morning. It supposedly helps you keep you keep your gains and still allows your body to recover its natural testosterone, albeit not fully.

    Has anyone tried this before?

  2. Ive heard of this and it seems to have some validity however i wouldnt personally risk my recovery by taking it. Some low dose Ostarine would be a better alternative.

  3. I've never heard of that but it does sound pretty intriguing. Like godfather said though, I'd rather let somebody else take the risk.

  4. I don't think I am going to be the one to try it. I was hoping someone else had haha for every person you see who says its ok you have another saying it's not a great idea.

    I will look into that ostarine, thanks godfather. When would I start it godfather? After my last sust injection or as I start my PCT?

  5. I would say to begin low dose Ostarine the second to third week of PCT and run it out for about 8-10 weeks. This will help keep your cortisol levels under control before they get too high by week 3 of PCT.

  6. Y would u keep yourself shut down? The point of pct is to recover your body
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  7. Quote Originally Posted by Airborne42 View Post
    Y would u keep yourself shut down? The point of pct is to recover your body
    The idea behind using Dbol in PCT is too dose it very low and only first thing in the morning when natural testosterone levels peak, thus not going higher than natural triggering the HPTA. However, i can see how this would possibly work if you're already recovered, but at the start of PCT and depending on what compounds were used, you can be down in the double digits easy.

  8. the morning dbol is a good idea for the period from last injecting to actually starting PCT, but not after.


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