AI question and PCT help

  1. AI question and PCT help

    About to have my 2nd pin of Sust250

    my buddy that was going to help me through the cycle had to go out of the country for a couple months and he was really my only reliable source of information. Anyways i have some anastrozale but its dosed as 1mg in a liquid form. how should i go about taking it? he said if i can remember just one drop eod after my second pin which im doing tonight.

    also what do you recommend for PCT? im trying like crazy to source some clomid or nolva right now, but which do you guys prefer?

  2. prefer clomid to get hpta levels back asap; little bit more moody side effects, but works pretty well when stacked with erase and some daa in the pct

  3. so clomid or nolva will be fine PCT for a sus250 cycle?

  4. You should have never taken the steroid without having your whole cycle planned out. You should have all of your supplements on hand just in case something were to go wrong and you would have to start your post early.

  5. So ur just running 500 sus a week. Is it a tri blend or does it have all five esters?

    Get some clomid, erase, daa, and a test booster. Dose the Adex at .25eod. That's a 1/4 of a mg.

    Novla is good too. 20/20/10/10. If it has all five esters it stays in ur system longer. But I bet it's just prop,enth,cyp



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