Gyno 1 week into PH cycle! is it safe to continue?

  1. Gyno 1 week into PH cycle! is it safe to continue?

    so its my second cycle with Pro hormones, i uses a product called Torque made by Geared UP Nutrition which is basically a superdrol clone, no real side effects except a bit of nipple sensitivity but no gyno. was on this for 3 weeks and made good gains. ran Bromo and d-aspartic acid for my PCT for 3 weeks with no issues then started my second cycle a week after that. the second PH i used was called Torque Anarchy, made by the same company which is a combination of cynostane and methylstenbolone. a week into this i noticed a small lump under my nipple so i stopped the cycle and got back on bromo and d-aspartic acid. has anybody had the same experience? and will bromo make the gyno go away? or would i be safe to continue the cycle if i stay on Bromo to prevent the test from converting??
    any advice or personal experience would be great thanks.

  2. why arent you using a serm for pct.

  3. i didnt have access to a serm, also i had friends that had taken the same product without ever taking a serm and they never had any problems. i was told that bromo was just as good especially since i only cycled for 3 weeks on a low dose

  4. Time off of cycles = time on your last cycle + PCT. Your last cycle was 6 weeks total, the break before starting another cycle should be 6 weeks, not one. You're wreaking all sorts of havoc to your blood levels and body hopping from PH to PCT to PH so quickly.

    And yes, you should be using a legitimate PCT, which requires a SERM. Nolva or clomid are both good options, always have one or the other before starting a cycle.
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    I push myself to limits everyday i train tbh, visited my mum yesterday and she said i looked a bit bigger, she doesnt know about the steroids

  5. I have never been in your position (try my best to avoid this)....

    With ZERO experience of terminating gyno, I have read on this bb that letrozole is the ticket.

    I would search letro +gyno on the forum for the dosages and get some asap...

    good luck bro

  6. thanks for the advice guys, letrozole sounds like the way to go, anybody know were i would find this in Australia?

  7. Quote Originally Posted by dannny View Post
    i didnt have access to a serm
    ***********I believe this isn't breaking the RULES if it does please remove comment..********

    A board sponsor/Advertisment under the name of Purity is legit

  8. While letro is effective, I wouldn't recommend this guy hop on the most potent AI out there. Especially if it's a small lump. He's likely to make everything worse and end up with a massive estrogen rebound.

    OP, if you can find letro, then you can find nolvadex (SERM). A few weeks of that will likely 1.) take care of your mild gyno, and 2.) provide you the PCT you didn't get from the sad protocol you implemented.

    Best of luck, and quit being a dumbass.

  9. ok fair enough, has anybody had experience with Bromo then, i think its the strongest anti-e product available legally but would it be strong enough to treat mild gyno?

  10. Please tell me you're not even considering continuing your cycle. 1 week after PCT of your last and you have another SERM-less PCT in the works. I'd stop now before you screw your body up completely. Doing a low dose, 3 week cycle SERM-less isn't the end of the world as long as your body can return to homeostasis naturally. Doing it consecutively is just asking for trouble. The fact that you got gyno one week into this means your body is still a mess.

  11. no, didnt continue the cycle, stopped as soon as i noticed the lump.
    i dont think my natural test levels dropped as i never lost my gains or balls never shrunk.
    anyways, now i know what i did was stupid. was just given some bad advice.


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