Low sperm count help needed

  1. Low sperm count help needed

    Let me be the first to kick my own ass for this one. I stupidly, naively and without doubt uneducatedly did two very short courses of steroids. The first in August of last year, sustanon 250 at a stupidly high dose of a gram a week for 8 weeks. I then did another course of test e in January of this year for 4 weeks until my partner found out and put the brakes on it. Here's the bit where I kick my own ass! I didn't run a pct on either cycle aside from running liquid letro. Stupid stupid stupid! My partner and I have been trying for kids since I stopped so I decided to get a sperm count done back in april. In the past I've had counts of around 40 million per mil. This time around, 3 million! I checked my fsh, lh and test and all came back normal. Lh around 7.6, fsh 10 and test 21.3 (uk figures) I researched these and they all check out ok. I've waited 8 weeks as advised by my fertility clinic and had another one done today. Count came back as 6 million. My hormone picture is in check so I'm at a loss as to what to do. Is there any point running a pct if hormones are all back on track. My fertility clinic seems to think its permenantly damaged my counts so this is a throw out to anyone who has any idea about this kinda thing. Is there anything I can do to restore my counts or is it the end of the road for me? I was thinking clomid but I'm sure all that'll do is set my hormone picture right which it already is anyway. Any help, please no ass kickings (the wife is doing enough of that) would be really appreciated.

  2. Well, look at it this way: your count doubled over the past two months, so your body is normalizing. Yes, you can hop on a SERM like clomid or toremifene, which usually boost sperm counts... or you can just let your body continue to stabilize. Since all other indicators are normal, I'm thinking you should just exercise patience at this point. I've known a lot of AAS users/abusers, and most of them were able to conceive with their wives after being off the juice. I sincerely doubt your clinic's diagnosis of "permanent damage," as your count wouldn't have doubled from 3 to 6 million in 8 weeks time if that were the case. Btw, a normal count is around 20 million.

    The self-inflicted anxiety and guilt definitely won't help you or the wife (nor will the verbal "ass kickings" from her), so cut yourself a break. Stress can lower counts as well. Bottom line: it's highly unlikely you've caused any permanent issues here.


  3. Hi rubberring,

    Firstly, a big thank you for not flaming me and secondly thanks for the kind advice. My fertility clinic are of the opinion that counts tend to fluctuate somewhat anyway and therefore make the deduction that nothing has really changed since my last test but I favour your response if only to boost myself emotionally at this point. If anyone else has any other thoughts i'd be grateful of the input. Thanks again rubberring.

  4. This might help as well...

    "Importantly, however, sperm count improved in all these men after they ceased drug use, though the recovery time varied among the individual subjects. Data from research involving the contraceptive usage of steroids shows that it often takes up to a year to return to full fertility. Contraceptive applications involve testosterone doses far smaller than those typically used for athletic enhancement. As such, the time scale for return of full fertility to athletes who use steroids remains speculative and may (as noted in these cases) also depend on individual response."

  5. Rubberring,

    Great bit of info there, thanks so much for taking the time to look into this for me! I'm starting to feel a tad more reassured than the offerings given by my clinic!



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