pct for really sloppy cycle

  1. pct for really sloppy cycle

    I just finished a very unorganized cycle last Wednesday, and am starting my pct. I need opinions and thoughts about my pct. Let's first start by listing just how unorganized this cycle was. First I started with 125 Mg of test cyp and 100Mg of tren every other day for 8 weeks. I really didn't work out near what I should have, so results were minimal. I decided to start another cycle a week after the first had ended, this time I ran 250 of test cyp and 200 of tren eod, for 12 weeks then later added 150 Mg of deca twice a week. I ran the deca for 3 weeks and started seeing signs of gyno, so I stopped the cycle all together. I've got hcg and clomid, and have already done one shot of hcg at 500iu's, and will continue the hcg at 500iu's twice a week for 3 weeks. I'll start the clomid two weeks after my last shot of test at 30Mg a day. Would this pct be sufficient?

  2. I really appreciate the insight lats! I ordered nolva last night and will run it as soon as it gets here. I do have one other question. How long would you recommend I wait after the pct is complete before starting another cycle? This time everything will be very organized and planned out, unlike my last one.

  3. Wait he was running deca and you're saying to use nolva? Stick to your clomid.

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