Preliminary research that I read indicated that the use of HCG post cycle before starting Tamoxefin. Since then have read many conflicting posts and most indicate that it is better to utilize HCG on cycle in small doses instead of at PCT. Problem at this point is that I am in week 8 of cycle and do have some slight atrophy. What would be the suggestion at this point in regards to when and dosage of HCG to get LH back. Assuming that it would be to utilize HCG as the Test clears to at least create LH for a week or so then discontinue before Tamoxefin? Also note its long ester (cypionate). Since I am in week 8 I can also alter the planned remaining weeks if that helps in strategy for coming off cycle.

weight: 200
10% BF
Cycles: 4


Week 1-4

300mg 2/wk Trenbolone
20mg ed Anavar
300mg 2/wk Test Cypionate

Week 5-10

300mg 2/wk Trenbolone
300mg 2/wk Test Cypionate

Week 10-12

400mg 2/wk Test

Have used small doses of Exemestane and Pramipexole during cycle as well.