Detonator PH PCT

  1. Detonator PH PCT

    So I'm about thinking about running detonator by war pharma next month. I already bought the bottle. Right now my pct looks as follows post cycle therapy 2, d pol, erase, and creacore. I'm open to any an all suggestions on the pct
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  2. Wheres your serm? Isnt detononator a stacked compound?

  3. It's 15mg DMZ and 50 mg Winabol. You def wanna get a SERM

  4. Would the pct 2 and the erase not do the job? It says that there is no estrogen conversion.

  5. Doesn't matter if they dont aromatise. Your body still going to be pumpin out extra estro durin cycle in an attempt to rebalance. Once you stop the cycle, say hello to0 test and enough estro to grow tits like a girl



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