Really need some advice on getting off this cycle

  1. Really need some advice on getting off this cycle

    i am currently taking 2 daily doses of

    2a 17a-dimethyl-17a-hydroxy-5a-androstan-3-one at 15 mg per dose and
    18-methylestr-4-en-3-one-17b-ol at 30 mg per dose

    with AI 1-4-6 androstatriene 3-17 dione 3x a day at 25mg per dose

    i have been doing this for 11 days to this day....if i were to stop the cycle and taper off with the AI would this be a PCT where i wouldn't get sides? i would simply continue the AI until bottle is empty. (about 2 more weeks) is this ok? also i plan to buy DAA tonight

    I REALLY want to just get off this cycle please help

  2. why do you wanna stop suddenly? since youre not far out i think youll be fine, but if youre inexperienced i wouldnt recommend taking more than one compound at a time. im new to phs also, so cant give u a two thumbs up YES, but id like to say youll be fine. next time get nolva though

  3. Didnt u post this already awhile back? And no offense to above poster, but that looks like superdrol. So saying hes fine is not good. If it is sd, u better run the cycle til u get a serm. The ****s already as harsh as it gets alone, even worse when stacked

    Have fun with your new tits

  4. i would get clomid... when i came off SD 30mg/day after a week my libido crashed thru the ground. i found DAA at 3-5g/day helped me come back faster accompanied with clomid.

  5. Get a prescription SERM. SD gave me some nice sides after running it 4 weeks stacked with PP

  6. yeesh stuff is nasty.. glad I'm 11 days off with DAA and an AI, no sides or boobs.

  7. Yeah, SD is like a guaranteed boobjob be glad you don't have any problems lol


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