Hello all, Im new to this forum, I am halfway through a cycle right now of 250mg Sust 2x/week and 150 TrenE 2x/week. I have started collecting my PCT ancillaries, and I would like some feedback.

10 days after last pin start HCG 500iu for 10 days
nolva 40/40/20/10 (Starting After HCG)
adex .25mg ED for 30 days (Starting after HCG)
osta @ 20mg for 50 days (Starting With HCG running through Nolva and adex and continuing for a week after)

Being my 6th-7th week, I have already atrophied and started to have problems with sore nipples so I have been running Adex @ .2mg ED

Just a little background, this is my third cycle, first cycle was Sust only @ 250mg/week (Over 3 years ago), Second cycle was Sust and Deca 250mg and 200mg respectively/week, Honestly my first 2 cycles the PCTs were not the best because honestly I think I got bunk Nolva and Clomid, Now that I have a Legitimate source for all of these new ancillaries im willing to do whatever it takes to keep everything I gained and to come back as fast as possible.

Let me know what you think,