Ok I'm 2 weeks into 20mg of nolva. My pro-stano cycle was very mild, i feel. I experienced little to no shut down and had no other side effects what so ever.

What I'm asking is a couple of things.

1. I feel completely recovered. To be honest I didn't feel I had anything to recover from. I have a testosterone booster, it's quite expensive and I'm considering not taking it for the remainder of my PCT. I was going to introduce it now in the 3rd week of nolva. I'm thinking save it for a stronger cycle.

2. I know the advice is to take an equal amount of time off after you fininsh PCT before your next cycle. So is that being 6 weeks off as my pro-stano cycle was 6 weeks? Now to be honest I feel like just having 2-4 weeks off after PCT then starting another cycle. Considering the low sides and mild dose I took of stano is this a viable option or should I be sensible and take the full 6 weeks?

3. I know this is not a respected opinion, but is there any point in me doing 2 more weeks of my nolva? In your opinions is a 3 week PCT with nolva a bad idea and should I stick to the full 4 weeks? I know what the genral ethos is on PCT so what I'm saying is contaversial to a degree, but has anyone here ever stopped PCT early as they feel recovered. I say feel recovered, as I said before I never really have felt I needed to recover from anything! I personally think I could of PCT without nolva with maybe just a test booster to be safe.