Arm and nolva?

  1. Arm and nolva?

    Have some arimidex and nolvadex. I want to run them as pct. my test levels are way down (no sex drive) and my balls are shrunk. In the past I just took them the last two weeks of my cycle and like another two weeks after it. But I know there's much more science to it. So will someone please give me a detailed layout of how to take it. As in mgs, days and weeks????

  2. Would need to know what you're running bro. Shorter /longer esters you start the Nolva a certain time after last injection. But the dosing for Nolva is 40/40/20/20. 4 weeks..first two 40 mg.. Last 2 , 20 mg. as for the adex, a lot of guys run .25 mg eod.

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