hey guys,

So i got my blood drawn before I started my cycle.

Total Testosterone: 410 ng/dl range: 250-1100
Free Testosterone : 84.9 pg/ml range: 35-155
estrodial: 15 pg/ml range: < 39
LH: 2.1 miu/ml range: 1.5-9.3
FSH: 1.9 miu/ml range: 1.6-8
SHBG: 30 nmol/L range: 10-50

I have clomid on hand but im considering taking nolva and aromasin as well. the reason is because I had some gyno flare up right before I started my cycle for some reason. I took some arimidex while on my cycle and its gone down a lot but I dont want it to flare up again. I also have puffy/larger than normal nipples I'd like to try and take care of. So since I had the clomid already, I was gonna do that plus nolva, then a suicidal AI (aromasin) to combat high e2 levels. I've had blood taken while on nolva and I think the high e2 levels are what kills my libido while on pct. any thoughts/suggestions?