superdrol pct help

  1. superdrol pct help

    Couple of days I have to start pct. I have Nolva revolutionpct and I just bought erase should I run them

  2. Nolva - 20/20/10/10
    Revolution PCT - As directed
    Erase - As directed

    You do not need to run Revolution PCT and Erase together. You need to run one or the other. Personally, I'd run Erase and get a different t-booster like DAA, Toco-8, or T-911 and run those. Save the Revolution PCT for later. Either way, don't run two estrogen suppressors at the same time.

  3. I dont have time to get a test booster here in time i have the erase nolva and revolution now i guess my only option is rev and nolva? I wanted to try erase too

  4. I guess ill run erase next time

  5. You will be fine running all. Like I said you should have gone with daa. I've already helped u so?
    For sd u should be shut down hard...
    Nolva 40/20/20/10
    Rev as suggested and erase 1/2/3/3/2/1
    Allows you to taper down last 2 for delayed and to save money so u don't have to buy two bottles for it
    Purus Labs Anabolic Titan/Rep
    Coach AB @

  6. Thanks airbourne i was just confused about running rev and erase at the same gonna do exactly how u said to....i will keep you updated.....i really do appreciate your help dont think i was discrediting your advice erase should be here tomorrow.....i was just nervous about running erase and rev at the same time

  7. So Nolva, rev2 and erase? That would be two serms and two ais? I would go with just Nolva, rv2 and daa personally.

    Edit: sorry I see now its not rv2 lol!
    PEScience Representative


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