Beginner with questions about using A.I

  1. Beginner with questions about using A.I

    Hi Guys. Wealth of knowledge here. I have a question that I have been searching for an answer, but cant find.

    I am a borderline hypochondriac. Worry about everything. This includes puffy nips/gyno.

    I am all natural, but am finishing up 8 weeks of a natty test booster. I feel like I have mild gyno/puffy nips.

    This is my question. I have a bottle of A.I.F.M. sitting in my house. I want to know if I should start to use this. My main question/concern would be would there be any downsides, side effects, etc. if I use this and what I have is not infact puff/gyno?

    Also, If you think it is alright to use and safe with no ill sides, what kind of time and dose should I use? Was thinking one pump per side a day, but dont know how long or if I need to ween off of it.

    Sorry about the ramble, just looking to get some good info on this that I havent been able to find

  2. You don't have gyno. Stop playing with your nips and they won't be puffy.
    The advice I give is just that... Advice, purely my opinion. Not medical advice

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