'Time Off' extra AAS/DS/PH while on TRT?

  1. Question 'Time Off' extra AAS/DS/PH while on TRT?

    I'm aware of the age old rhetoric, "time on + PCT = time off", and I have no gripe with it.


    When one is on TRT and doesn't have to worry about endogenous hormones normalizing after a cycle, what should the appropriate protocol be?

    My understanding of the time off motto is that it is mostly to allow reformation of baseline hormone production. When that is not a factor, the only things we are then left to take into account (as far as I can tell) are liver health, blood lipids, heart health, and to prevent AR down regulation. So, how long is needed to satisfy these four requirements?

    Time on = time off?

    1/2 time on = time off?

    Both science-based theory and personal experience welcome.

  2. Any insight?

  3. This can be dependent on the user. Many people will blast and cruise for the same amount of time, i.e. 8-12 weeks on TRT dose + 8-12 weeks with higher doses and multiple compounds. You can also blast longer than 12 weeks with a shorter cruising period but you need to keep an eye on your health. There really isn't one universal protocol that works for everyone, you gotta play with it a little and see what suits you better, you might prefer a 16 week blast and 8 week cruise where other would go 12 blast and 12 cruise.

  4. Ok, it makes sense that there would not be a standard set of guidelines in regards to preserving optimum health while blast/cruising.
    Obviously everyone is going to have different cardiovascular/lipid etc responses to supra-physiological doses of anabolics, just thought I'd try and see if any general boundaries had been found.

    Time to start doing some self experimentation.

  5. just cycle smartly bro. trt does not give us a free pass to cycle anytime we want to. unless you dont care about your health.

  6. Oh yeah, definitely hear that. I'm trying to live a long, happy, chemically enhanced life. I'll experiment with cruise lengths. Bloods, bloods, bloods.


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