Clomid and Nolva dosing?

  1. Clomid and Nolva dosing?

    Alright so i've posted a bunch about my cycle which I plan to start in May. I've got it lined up and have Nolvadex and Clomid on hand...might use both might just use nolva depending how I feel but here is my Q:

    I would run as follows for either:
    Nolva: 20/20/10/10
    Clomid: 100(first 3 days)50(for next 4)/50/25/25

    My pills are 20mg for nolva and 50mg for clomid. Its my understanding that both have fairly long half lives. So when I get down to the 10mg or 25mg respectively weeks is it ok to take the pills Every Other Day instead of Every Day as opposed to splitting the pills in half? And if I do decide to do both Nolva and Clomid when i get to those doses would it make sense to do like this:

    Day 1: clomid
    Day 2: nolva
    Day 3: clomid
    Day 4: nolva

    And so on?

  2. What are you running?
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  3. H-Drol: 50/75/75/75/75/75
    CEL Cycle Assist 2 weeks prior & all the way through PCT.
    Omega Sports T-Force throughout cycle and PCT to try to help combat shut down and keep libido up abit 3 caps a day.

    PCT I have both Nolva and Clomid as a knowledgable friend suggested both if I feel very shut down. If not then will just be Nolva for 4 weeks as listed above along with:

    DAA(D-Pol) starting last week of cycle and through PCT plus an extra week so 6 weeks total.
    Erase starting third week PCT at 3/3/2/2/1
    Plus the cycle assist and tforce from above.

    Also have some tribulus left from awhile ago on hand will probably take that either during cycle or pct for a little extra. Mostly libido but whatever.

    Mostly just wanna know if its ok to do EOD on my SERM once I get to the lower dose. Worst case is i will get a pill splitter but it would just be more reliable and convenient to do EOD I think. Dont gotta worry about accidently splitting a pill off center or anything then.

    Thanks for any help!

  4. Do you not have enough nolvadex to go through pct?

  5. Yes you can run your serm eod on low doses
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  6. Quote Originally Posted by gregg1494
    Do you not have enough nolvadex to go through pct?
    I've got enough that I could do 20/20/20/20 if I wanted. My buddy just suggested taking both and tapering is all.

    Thanks for the answer on the EOD. May shall be good times when this begins!

  7. If u were doin injects yae
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  8. i hear nolva is the best pct to run after a cycle. i dont understand how people get this? is it just some pills you get at the drugstore?
  9. nolva dosing

    i hear nolva is the best pct to run after a cycle. what is the best pct to run with nolvadex while on finaflex 550 xd? and can you get nolvadex over the counter at drugstores? like i have no idea where to get this stuff


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