1. Hcg

    Do you have to mix with 10ml
    Or can you use the 2ml water it comes with and recalculate from there for dosage.?
    Will this be to strong of a concentration?

  2. Hey brother as you know I'm not one to give out much advice on this since I haven't tried much yet, BUT I think the general way it's done from the videos I've seen on it is 5000IU per 10ML so that each ML is 500IU. I think it would be too easy to mess up the dosage too much or too little if each ML = 2500 IU .

    I'm looking into getting the needed supplies online, I was looking on Amazon too and saw like an "HCG package" that has like a bunch of insulin needles, bacteriostatic water (I think 30ML), empty vial for mixing, etc. for $25.

  3. you definitely want it to the point where you can dose it easily in 250-500iu dosages
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