Unleashed and post cycle

  1. Unleashed and post cycle

    These 2 products are popular on another forum. Just wondering if anyone over here has an unbiased opinion on them. They are both made protein factory and recommended for pct.

  2. I've never tried Post Cycle but I tried Unleashed. I've tried a few Test Boosters the last 2 years and Unleashed was by far the best one I tried. It was the only one that actually gave me a feeling like I had more test going, I felt more energetic and a lot more confident both at the gym and just in general. Also put on 2lbs during that time and probably lost 1% bf. Might have been placebo since I was also very strict on my diet at the time, even if it was placebo though I feel like the Unleashed caused me to feel that way and be more strict so that helps.

    But basically I liked Unleashed and it would probably go pretty good in PCT. I was debating throwing it into the PCT for my first cycle but I wanted to get everything from NutraPlanet to cut down on shipping costs so the Titanium XL and Divison 1 combo seemed similar enough to me.

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