Clomid/nolva citrate bled

  1. Clomid/nolva citrate bled

    I am currently on mu first cycle , week 9 of a 10 week test E cycle kick started with dbol for 6 weeks. I'm up 22lbs so far and want to keep the most of my gains. I have a clomid/ Nolva citrate blend. The dosages are 50mg/ml and 10mg/ml respectively. I also have some adex. What would be the best dosages?

    5'8" 172
    Week 1-10 test E 500mg/week
    Week 1-6 dbol 40mg daily

  2. Anyone?

  3. I hate blends.... cuz its not a dosage i'd like... but I guess starting week 12 you could use 4ml for 2 days, then 3ml for the rest of that week, 2m for the next 2 weeks, then 1 ml for the next 2 weeks after that.
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  4. Thanks!

  5. Should I use the adex at all for pct?



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