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    Well, I am in a bit of trouble here. I am ****ting myself over it. Here's the quick version of the story: Had a legitimate source (or at least used to be) for clomid and he f***ed me over. I already started my Super-dmz PH cycle (I'm 2 weeks in). I know it was dumb to start without all of the proper supps in my possession etc. but I honestly needed to start the cycle and have enough time before I go on vacation. (I know, you don't have to bash me, I feel like an idiot already.) ---I have absolutely no alternate options to get a serm unless I order somewhere online now, and I don't have enough evidence of a legitimate site in my 8+ hours of researching where to find it. So here's my question: Can somebody recommend an OTC pct regimen that they think will be effective in my situation? I assume that it isn't going to be able to replace the clomid in full effect, but this is pretty much my only option. Hopefully somebody knows something that I don't, and there is a safe OTC alternative.

  2. thers a banner on this forum that has legit serms and not otc. u wanna use straight serms with a cycle like this
    if blow was characterized as a guy, consider me a homosexual :)

  3. Get a SERM, and check out our TRS (Testosterone Recovery Stack)

  4. Thanks a lot guys. Saved me

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