Letro help

  1. Letro help

    Got my first bottle of letro and I was wondering how to measure it out into mg? The pipet is 1ml. Thanks

  2. What is the Mg/ml?

  3. Well I was trying to measure out .5 mg to start with then increase to 1 mg

  4. Go to the pharmacy and get a oral syringe with measurements.

  5. Alright thanks

  6. I've been to 2 different pharmacies and they dont have any syringes that measure in mg's. Does anybody know how much one drop is from the pipet?

  7. Liquid is measured in ML (volume) not MG (weight). The MG/ML of your product is dosed accordingly.

  8. Well I'm just trying to start my letro and I donno how much to take since I can't find the right measurements. How many ML should I start out taking then?

  9. Nevermind thanks for the help guys! I figured it out!


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