PCT: Test Cyp and Deca cycle

  1. PCT: Test Cyp and Deca cycle

    First of all I know I should know all this by now and no doubt there'll be plenty wanting to dish out abuse which I probably deserve but would really appreciate some advice.

    So I'm 20 years old, and am nearing the end of a Test cyp and Deca cycle. Been taking 400mg test and just under 300mg deca per week. I'll be sure to carry on the test for a further 2 weeks after my last deca injection. Basically, apart from knowing PCT shouldn't start until 2 weeks after last test shot, I know very little about the rest. After reading about a little (not enough obviously I know) would I be right in thinking the best PCT for this cycle would involve Clomid, Nolvadex and HCG? I read a site that also advised IGF-1 but that was in a test and deca cycle that also involved dianabol for the first few weeks of the cycle so not sure if thats needed (I also thought IGF would only be needed if I had been using growth hormone). Arimidex has popped up once or twice too but the trio I mentioned initially seems to be the favoured 3 for this cycle type?

    Help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks in advance

    And apologies for probably getting a few people angry with my lack of knowledge on what is an important subject to get right!

  2. Quote Originally Posted by deebee View Post

    And apologies for probably getting a few people angry with my lack of knowledge on what is an important subject to get right!
    The forum exists to get questions answered. Sometimes they go unanswered... but this time, friend, I will answer your questions!

    Don't use nolvadex for deca PCT. Use Clomid or Toremifene. Clomid dosing can be 100/100/50/50 (ie, 100mg every day first week, 100mg every day second week, 50mg every day third week...).

    You can use an AI like aromasin or sustain alpha if you want to try and prevent some rebound gyno (if you know you're prone or just want to do this. Dosing can be anywhere from 12.5mg Every-other-day to 25mg every day with aromasin... sustain alpha just use full dose 5 days on, 2 days off.

    IGF-1, don't need it in PCT. You can use it but it isn't necessary in anyway.

    HCG is only good on-cycle to keep your testes working. During PCT HCG is COUNTERPRODUCTIVE, IE, will keep you SHUTDOWN. Do not use during PCT.

    DAA is a huge product now-a-days in PCT. It is one of the best test boosters, universally accepted as something that "Works". Good DAA products are Test Force 2 and TCF-1. Your choice, really.
    Sustain Alpha is back!

  3. Clomid (starts 2wks from last pin)
    Aromasin (starts same time clomid does)
    250IU after last pin E3D til the clomid starts.

  4. HCg thelast 5 weeks of the cycle then 20-30mg nolvadex for pct ed or 50mg clomid ed for 4 weeks
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