finishing AMS anabolic growth kit

  1. finishing AMS anabolic growth kit

    One week left on the AMS anabolic growth kit box. Running 3 tabs(1 each) in a.m. then 3 in early eve. Taking all 3 at once for convienience. Also running cycle assist during. Results are great! Adding weight and reps at every workout even though I upped workout freqeuncy to make the most of 4 weeks. Planning on running 4 weeks of Finiflex PCT revolution black and SNS inhibit E. I have Tamox drops on hand if needed. Am I missing anything? is 4 weeks of PCT enough or go 6? Also AFTER PCT how long of a off cycle should I go before hitting another 4 week kit? Thanks for any tips, just found this site.

  2. Pick up some DAA. At this point, it's a must for PCT. Test force 2 or TCF-1 are great versions.

    And yes, please use the Tamox. The other stuff you listed just isn't good enough. If you want a great OTC PCT check out the Testosterone Recovery Stack.
    Sustain Alpha is back!

  3. Time on plus PCT equals time off...
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  4. Got it, thanx Aaron.



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